Periodic Inspections

If you run a bricks and mortar business periodic inspection testing is essential. Insurance companies require periodic inspection tests to confirm the standard of the electrical installation. There are varying times between inspections but the average is every 5 years.

Electrical installations, if not properly maintained can cause serious damage to both person and property. A periodic inspection can determine the safety of your electrical installation and is a legal requirement requested by insurance companies.

The average amount of time between periodic inspections varies for different business types but the average is 5 years. Horticultural buildings and leisure centres are recommended to carry out inspections every 3 years. Marinas every year and ongoing construction sites every 3 to 6 months.

The length of time a periodic inspection can take widely varies. This is due to the vast difference in size of different commercial buildings. A small shop could be inspected in a day where a large hotel or factory can take much longer. These larger jobs are usually broken into sections and multiple certs will be issued.

Due to the difference in size of all premises there is no one price for periodic inspection testing. This type of testing can be a complex procedure and is usually priced on an hourly rate basis.